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 Jananayak Chandrashekhar University


Vice Chancellor
  • Prof. Yogendra Singh
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Jananayak Chandrashekhar University, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh

The role of educational institutions has undergone a sea change over the years. For a pretty long time, the major role of even the higher educational institutions have been to impart the knowledge and skills to the students. Other aspects of education like emotional, physical, moral and spiritual well-being were taken care of by family, society and religious institutions. Now that the most of the parents have little time for their children, society has become indifferent and insensitive, up to major extent so the role of universities and colleges must be accepted as sharpening skills for good citizenship. The colleges and universities are also facing many challenges like giving quality education to students growing in number every year, promoting social harmony between students from diverse backgrounds, fusing tradition and modernity, maintaining balance between local needs and global trends, and giving equal importance to study and research of all disciplines.

The newly founded Jananayak Chandrashekhar University is well aware of these responsibilities and challenges, and is ready to take them in its stride. I call upon all the students, employees, teachers, principals and officers of this university to come forward and make it one of the best universities of the country.