List of freely available massive open online course (MOOCs) and online resources for student's

    • Online (MOOC) UG/PG courses in all disciplines
    • Aligned to University curriculam
    • Credit Transfer for student and career points for faculty
    • Certificate on passing the proctored exams in person Course are free
    • Mobile app available
    • course by eminent faculty in reputed institutions
    • Content available in regional languages
    • Helps prepare for competitive exams such as GATE, NET, etc.
    • No limit on learners in any course-high numbers can be taught
    • Innovative and rigorous assessments
    • Strangthens Foundations and application skills
    • Labs Workshops for some theory courses for course takers

  2. Swayamprabha
    There are 32 channels choose according to your subject and time.
    • 32 DTH television channels,from high school to PG
    • 4 Hours fresh content everyday, repeated 5 times, aligned to University Curriculum, Archival in youtube
    • Available on DD free Dish
    • Helps prepare for competitive exams Like IIT-JEE.
    • schedules available on portal
    • Can be used by faculty in Blended/flipped class room mode

  3. E-YANTRA (
    1. Team work
    2. Creative &Design thinking
    3. Higher order thinking skills
    4. Online learning resources for teachers and students with Certification
    5. Innovative Community building
    6. Industry mentors
    7. Industry internships
    8. Connectivity to industry through e-Yantra labs
    9. Become training hub for Embedded systems, loT, Robotics, etc
    10. Evolve into Innovation hub with e-Yantra guidance

  4. Virtual Labs
    An interactive simulation environment to conduct experimentsin various areas of engineering and science

    Promoting use of open source software in educational institutions, FOSSEE (Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Education) project promotes the use of FLOSS tools in academia and research. The FOSSEE project is part of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. Below is the list of projects which are promoted by FOSSEE.

  6. Application of spoken Tutorial (
    Provide IT training to a large number of students through self-learning and free/libre and open source software

  7. National Digital Library of India
    Digical Library, open to all students, professionals, Teachers, informal learners of all academic discipline and all levels of education

  8. E-ShodhSindhu: Consortium for Higher Education Electronics

  9. PDS
    Student researchers and teachers

    Open source, open standard, scalable process automation engine for universities and HEIs.
  11. IRINS
    Research Information Management System.For Institutions and their teachers

  12. UGCMOOCS : A Vertical of Swayam
  13. E-Pathshala

  14. Shodhganga : a reservoir of Indian theses @ INFLIBNET

  15. Vidwan

List of freely available massive open online course (MOOCs) and online resources for Teachers

  1. ARPIT
  2. E-Pathshala
  3. National Digital Library of India
  4. E-ShodhSindhu: Consortium for Higher Education Electronics: Research Articles
  5. VIDWAN Portal (Expert Database and National Research Network )